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Fourth Avenue Students Donate to the Humane Society of Yuma

Christine McCoy

Communications & Community Engagement Coordinator

YUMA, AZ - On Friday, March 12th, Fourth Avenue Junior High School presented the Humane
Society of Yuma (HSOY) with a student-built dog house and cat condo. This was the first of
many more to be constructed by David Cullison’s Industrial Arts class and donated to HSOY.
Through a valuable partnership with Yuma ABEC, students at Fourth Avenue Jr. High
constructed a large dog house, painted red and complete with a shingled roof. Also, a cat
condo was built with multiple compartments to provide protection for local feral cats.
This project provided practical training and first-hand experience for students. With the
support of ABEC, students planned, designed, and constructed these two structures. On
Friday, three representatives from HSOY visited students in the Industrial Arts class to thank
them for their amazing donation. They used this time to talk about the importance of caring for
animals, reducing the number of homeless pets, and simple ways students can be humane.
Fourth Avenue Junior High School regularly works with local organizations to teach the
importance of giving back to the community. Working together with Yuma ABEC to build a dog
house and cat condo not only taught students valuable trade skills, but also showed them the
impact their work can have on the community.

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